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File 146824433348.jpg - (78.59KB , 1080x1080 , 1467939210689.jpg )
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What's going on here

File 146640554829.png - (23.69KB , 519x111 , pic related.png )
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Is the admin still active on this site?
VanKrause where the fuck are you?
Also jesus christ fix the formatting so i can see what i'm typing in the captcha box

File 145186660054.jpg - (17.98KB , 466x466 , caveman face.jpg )
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Considering the current state of affairs on 8chan, thought this would be a relevant thread to throw up here right now. Relevant info here:
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>> No. 11
Kiwi Farms caused 9/11
>> No. 13
Why does Null look like a Gnome?
>> No. 15
>literally 3 users on this site
Why? This website will probably die in about 3 months and no one will remember it.

File 146136739419.jpg - (59.99KB , 330x220 , image.jpg )
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File 145214916681.gif - (143.01KB , 200x150 , 1441843149184-cow.gif )
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Alright since the post said this was a bunker All aboard the tranny train. Last we knew this degenerate wanted a sexy lesbo sleepover. If people have mirror links of his original videos on the archive channel post em here. Also newest info or fanart.

File 145186760638.jpg - (12.58KB , 320x320 , 1450499520892.jpg )
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>no webm allowed
come the fuck on now
>> No. 6
I'll see about getting webm enabled. It's one of those needed essentials.
>> No. 8
should be all good now, just click the webm icon if you upload one to play it.
>> No. 10
File doubleswee_spongebob_noises.webm - (1.79MB , doubleswee spongebob noises.webm )

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